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Sea Where the Power of

Solar Can Take You

Oahu averages 271 days of sunshine per year

That’s a beautiful thing. Especially when you harness that energy to meet your electricity needs. And increase your home’s value.


Thanks to clean energy incentives, federal tax credits, efficient PV panels, and new battery storage systems, going solar makes more sense today than ever.


As a LegaSeaEnergy customer, you’ll enjoy some of the lowest installation costs, biggest utility bill savings, and fastest payback periods in the country. In the process, you’ll also increase your home’s value. Plus once it’s paid for, your LegaSeaEnergy solar system keeps paying dividends, in the form of free, clean energy — year after year. 

How Solar works 


1. When Sunlight hits the solar panels, the photons are converted into DC current.  

2. The current flows to the inverter, which converts DC power to AC power so it can be used in your home  

3. The electrical panel in your house then distributes this electricity throughout your house. 

4. Unused electricity flows back to the grid through the utility meter, adding partial credit to your electricity bill.

*If you have a battery system installed, the unused electricity will be stored for later use.    To learn more about battery storage systems, click below.

Style and Efficiency

We care, not only about how the solar works, but how it looks.

LegaSeaEnergy takes tremendous pride in making sure every solar system we install does justice to the home it’s on.  Our sales team, engineers and project managers are all held to the highest standards and treat each job with the attention it deserves.  With over 11 years in solar and electrical contracting, we use professional techniques and practices to install solar for your home.  

  - No ugly conduit running alongside your home

  - Inverters and Equipment protected from the elements

  - Top quality products ensuring decades of energy production

  - The highest grade electrical and flashing components

  - Standard monitoring

Call us today at (808)351-4657  or click below to request a free quote 

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