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Ride the Clean Energy Current

An easy business Decision:

Do you own a multi-family housing complex or commercial building?  If so, your benefits and cost savings will be similar to those delivered by residential solar systems, but on a much larger scale.  

Reduce operating Rates: Not only are you protected from rising electric rates, your total electric costs can also decline, reducing your operating expenses and boosting your net operating income.


Differentiate your property: A growing number of consumers are favoring businesses that make a commitment to environmental stewardship. Installing solar can increase rent rates and reduce vacancy.


Lock in lower energy costs Switching to clean solar energy reduces your exposure to rising utility rates by locking in fixed rates, putting you in control of your bottom line.

The Benefits:

Renewable energy provides substantial benefits for our climate, our health, and our economy. It dramatically reduces global warming emissions, improves public health, and provides jobs and other economic benefits. And since most renewables don’t require water for cooling, they dramatically reduce the water requirements for power production compared to fossil-fueled power plants.

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