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Battery Storage 


Battery technology has come a long way in the past few years.  It is finally within our reach to have simple, reliable, safe, low cost systems.  

Using batteries to store solar energy allows customers freedom from the utility companies by allowing them full access to the energy that is made by their PV systems, rather than selling it back to HECO at a fraction of the price they pay for it.      

Battery Storage 


How Battery Storage Systems Work

Solar grid-tied systems without battery storage


Every day your panels convert solar energy into electricity for your home.  All excess energy is fed back into the grid earning you credit that you can apply to future usage.  HECO used to use a net metering program, allowing you access to all of the energy you fed to the grid on a one-to-one basis.   All customers who signed up during the time of net-metering are grandfathered into this program.


With HECO’s new policy, you still earn credit for the power fed into the grid, but only a small percentage. So you end up paying more for the power during the nighttime hours - when you need it most.   


Solar grid-tied systems with battery storage


Our solution is to install batteries that will store the solar energy you produce during the day on-site, allowing you free access to all the energy you produce.  With our fully scalable battery solution, we will customize your storage capabilities to meet your exact usage needs during peak times. 

You’ll only draw electricity from the grid when your battery is depleted.

Peace of Mind

Using these battery storage systems will also provide an extra level of comfort, knowing you will continue to have power during an electrical outage or major storm. 

If the electrical grid goes down, being prepared with backup power is essential, especially if the power outage has been caused by some natural disaster that will continue to impact the electrical grid for a prolonged period of time. Installing solar panels on your property is a great way to ensure you won’t lose power, but only if you also have a battery installed to store energy produced by your solar panels. 


Standard grid-tied solar panel systems don’t work during a power outage for two reasons. First, solar panels are constantly producing variable amounts of electricity due to varying sunlight conditions and positions. For this reason, your solar panels produce quantities of power that don’t depend on the amount of energy your home needs at that instant. As a result, if put into your home during a power outage, this electricity might lead your lights to blink and possibly cause damage to your electrical devices.


The second reason grid-tied solar is inaccessible during a power outage is for safety. During a power outage, your electrical utility will send out repair crews to locate and repair the point(s) where the grid failed. If a solar array is sending power to the grid during an outage, those workers are at risk of being electrocuted by stray energy, thus solar systems automatically shut down when the grid is down.


The PWRcell™ Battery Cabinet is a Type 3R smart battery enclosure that allows for a range of storage configurations to suit any need. DC-couple to Generac PWRzone solar or PWRgenerator. No other smart battery offers the power and flexibility of PWRcell.


Generac is accelerating the world’s transition to clean energy by building products that make it simple and efficient to store solar power. They offer a seamless energy platform, the Generac PWRCELL, which connects solar and storage to your home and the grid. The system intelligently allows home and business owners to capture, store, and utilize more solar energy on-site; offering protection from rising and changing energy costs and grid disruptions. To learn more about Generac whole home power systems, watch the video below.

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