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About Us

Solar is more than our livelihood, it’s our passion and our way of life.  We’ve lived off-grid since 2006 when lack of utility services available to our North Shore farm forced us to find alternate ways of powering our home.  Kohl went back to school to learn everything there was to know about photovoltaics. In doing so, he not only brought power to our home but also a new venture for our business.  

When our solar journey started, the technology and options were very limited, and our best option was to rig our system to power off of golf cart batteries! Since then, the technology has improved drastically and we eagerly stay informed on the cutting edge to provide customers with the best of the industry’s innovations.

Our Mission 

Create a LegaSea of responsible energy​

Our Vision 

To cultivate a self-sufficient lifestyle with like-minded individuals that care deeply for our neighbors, team members, and Earth, and to empower a pristine LegaSea for our future generations



We are a family-owned company, branching off of our parent business, Christensen Bros Construction Inc., which was established in 2008 and has provided a solar labor force for many of today’s top solar companies.  With local roots here in Hawaii, and now with our own children, our families are growing and not going anywhere. We install solar because we believe in it for ourselves, our neighbors, our island and our Earth.

We realize that when it comes to solar, you have a lot of options.  Besides price, there are many factors to consider and we’d like to introduce ourselves as a locally-owned and operated, here-to-stay, personalized company that stands behind our work and every detail.  We are small enough to walk you through the process like `ohana while bringing over 10 years of first-hand solar skill and knowledge. We are driven by quality more than profit, allowing us to ensure that your job will be done to perfection the first time.

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