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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the first step?

Share a copy of your electric bill with us and in the meantime see how you can reduce your electricity dependence.  

What is the warranty?

Your system comes with a 5-year workmanship warranty on all labor on top of each manufacturer’s warranty against product failure or defect.  You can also extend your warranty with an additional one-time upfront fee.

What will the solar production be like in the rainy season?

Honolulu has 3038 average annual sun hours for your system to harness, with its peak in July and low in December.  To maximize system performance, you can:

  • Arrange your solar panel array to face south/west

  • Maintain trees to avoid shading the array


In the last 5 years, I’ve seen a number of solar companies rise with the “solar boom” in Hawaii, but many are no longer in existence today.  How do I know you will still be around in the future?

We are a family-owned company with strong roots in Hawaii, branched off of our parent business, Christensen Bros Construction Inc., which was established in 2008.  With the owners born and raised here in Hawaii, and now with our own children, our families are growing and not going anywhere. This is more than our livelihood, it’s our passion born out of necessity and our way of life.


More than talking the talk, we walk the walk. Since 2006, we have been living 100% off-grid on our farm on the North Shore. We have seen the benefits and know it is do-able. We install solar because we believe in it for ourselves, our neighbors, our island and our Earth.


We are committed to sharing a personalized solar experience with our community, not out to make a quick buck, but to really join with like-minded individuals to move our island toward a self-sufficient energy reality. When we first started Christensen Bros Construction Inc., we wanted people to know that they had a “bro” in the business.


Now with our growing family, we see a bigger picture, something beyond just us--leaving a legacy that we can be proud of--one that will support us and our environment seven generations from now.  

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